Pacific Point Academy & Learning Center

Speech 4 Kids Teams with Pacific Point Academy

In June 2014 Speech 4 Kids teamed up with Pacific Point Academy & Learning Center to provide speech and language services on their campus.
Pacific Point Academy provides a unique educational model where they address the underlying learning skills necessary for academic success. Speech and language skills are at the root of learning and are often the underlying cause for learning challenges.
At Pacific Point Academy each child’s individual needs are addressed through customized programs. Students receive one to one interventions within the context of a traditional classroom day and speech and language services are embedded in their individualized programs. A team of professionals is assigned to each child and collaboration amongst the team allows us to make necessary adjustments to programs to support all areas of learning.
Speech 4 Kids is honored to be a part of the collaborative efforts between all professional domains at Pacific Point Academy. Our goal is to foster academic success for all children.