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About Speech 4 Kids

Speech and language development is one of the most critical skills for school readiness.


At Speech 4 Kids, we strive to provide quality speech and language therapy in a clinical setting. Each individual child is evaluated to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Based on testing results, an individualized treatment plan is generated that will incorporate the most appropriate therapy approach and techniques for your child.

Evaluations consist of observations, formalized testing, parent reports, school visits (if warranted) and conversations with other professionals. When the evaluation is complete, a comprehensive formal report is written that summarizes testing results and provides recommendations for the frequency and intensity of speech and language therapy. In addition, the report will outline goals and objectives to be addressed in therapy sessions.

Our highly qualified team of speech language pathologists is trained in the leading treatment methodologies in order to help your child maximize their greatest potential.

At Speech 4 Kids, we strive to make every moment a teachable opportunity for children to learn and use language in the most natural contexts.