Speech 4 Kids, was founded in 2000 by Andree James, MS., CCC-SLP as an interactive, child-friendly, speech and language facility that allows children to explore, develop and succeed in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Speech 4 Kids is a warm and welcoming center designed as a place for children to grow, learn and achieve their highest potential.

Speech 4 Kids provides the latest techniques and programs that take each child on an individual journey to enhance their speech and language skills. We specialize in treating early intervention, preschool and school age children.

Our team of exceptional speech language pathologists provides the highest quality of speech and language therapy in both individual and group settings. We customize programs to best meet the needs of each child.

At Speech 4 Kids we believe that every child has the capability to grow, learn and progress despite the obstacles they may be given. We are dedicated to supporting and guiding our children to reach their greatest potential in life.

Speech 4 Kids is located in Santa Monica, California

Please contact us with any questions you may have. If necessary, we can set up a comprehensive evaluation to assess your child’s language and speech development.